Combat Knives Review and Guides

A combat knife is a knife that is designed for hand to hand or close combat fighting and is generally used in the military. These fighting knives have in recent times been redesigned for utility uses such as clearing foliage or chopping branches or even opening ammunition crates.

The redesigned knives have been recently referred to as fighting utility knives but they were originally intended for hand to hand combat in the military. These combat knives have been in use for a long time with the modern combat knives tracing their origin to the World War 1.  Since then the custom technical knives have been used in a number of military operations and although they may differ in design and style, they are generally the same in quality and the role that they play in the military across the world.

Single Blade Tactical Pocket KnifeOutside the military, combat knives are generally used for self defense and can be of great help for anyone seeking to cover themselves in case a situation goes awry. There are a lot of different kinds of technical knives to choose from should you want to buy one. The different kinds include the Bear Ops Close Knife that will also come in different designs and sizes. Other kind of technical knives include the Gerber Combat knives which come in a number of types that are classified based on the material used to make them as well as the design and the number of ways that you can use them.  There are also the ranger combat knives, Mantis Combat knives which again come in a number of different designs and styles.

Things to look for before buying a combat knife

There are a number of things to look for when buying a technical knife or a combat knife. These factors include the design of the knife which usually dictates what the knife will be used for and how useful they can be to you in that particular situation. You also want to be aware of the purpose you want to use the knife for as this will greatly affect the design and particular kind of knife you buy. You will essentially buy a different knife if you plan on using it as a weapon as opposed to one that you will use as a utility tool or an emergency rescue tool. The size of the custom technical knife that you buy will also be important when buying the knife as the size will directly be affected by the purpose that you use for the knife.

Other things to look out for when looking to buy the best combat knives include the materials that are used in the manufacture of the blade as well as the handle as this will ultimately dictate whether the combat knife will be durable or not. Blades on the combat knives are generally made of stainless steel and the materials used to make the handle can vary from plastic to titanium.  Ensure that you purchase durable tactical knives that will serve their intended purpose.