Us navy seals combat knife review

As the name suggests, the US navy seals combat knife is used by the navy and hence will have features that are very useful in tactical situations and fightings. The knife is without a doubt very well designed, both for efficiency as well as appeal. The combat knife has a 61/2 inch stainless steel saw back blade that also has a black oxide finish for added appeal. The blade is quite strong for a knife of its size and is also inclusive of a saw back on the top edge of the blade thereby increasing the number of purposes that this official Government Issue knife can be used for. The blade is also quite thick for added strength and durability and this knife is one of the most efficient in the market in terms of being able to take as much pressure as possible without damage to the knife.

Made in the USA specifically for use in the military, the Us navy seals combat knife is one of the best combat knives and guarantees nothing but efficiency and class as well as some of the world’s best technology in knife design, Giving you a knife that will last for a while and at the same time provide you with a number of practical uses for the knife.  The handle on this knife is just as strong as the blade and has a blunt butt edge to give a wonderful, depending on how you look at it, hammer effect.  The reinforced handle makes it easier to handle the knife in whatever situation but also protects the knife’s blade form damage that is most likely to not happen anyway a fact that has made the US navy seals combat knife a must have for all hunting enthusiasts as well as those who love to collect combat knives.

Us navy seals combat knife

Us navy seals combat knife


If you are already thinking that the knife with all of these features would be huge and cumbersome, think again. All of the amazing features in the US navy seals combat knife fit into a compact 10 7/8 inches that is easy enough to carry thanks to a number of additional features. The combat knife comes with a Cordura and plastic sheath to protect the knife edge from losing its sharpness. Added on to that are a bet clip and leg strap that come in handy for efficient concealment and carrying a factor that is super important in any combat knife and that the US navy seals combat knife takes very seriously.

This is a combat knife that is not only well designed, easy to carry and effective in any situation but also one that is used by the Navy. So without a doubt, it will make it worth your while to try out this one of a kind combat knife. It is available in a number of stores online and is quite affordable, so it should give you quite the value for money if you decide to get it and it is bound to convert you into a combat knife enthusiast if you weren’t already one.

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